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  • Mominul

    Belt and Road Story

    Looking into the future, Mominul plans to continue learning Chinese and have more opportunities to turn it into a strength in pursuing career development. He hopes there will be more training sessions and opportunities to learn Chinese and other skill.

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  • Forhanur Rahman Fahim

    Payra Power Plant, My Second University

    On July 6, 2022, the 11th BRICS Trade Union Forum kicked off in Beijing. As a representative China-invested overseas project selected by our energy arm, the project team of Payra Power Plant (Phase I) attended the forum via video link from Bangladesh.

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  • Bibi Rahima

    This job helped to improve my living standards

    Bibi Rahima is an interpreter for Genertec CMC’s project of overhauling a power station owned by the Bangladesh Power Development Board. When pursuing an English literature program at a Bangladeshi university, she dreamed of an opportunity to go to China and study Chinese.

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  • Shalhar·Sansyzbay

    My Work Experience in Genertec

    My name is Shalhar·Sansyzbay. I’m Kazakh. I was born in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. I studied at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Peking University and received a master of science degree in 2008.

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  • Lubis

    A Culture of Respect Leads to the Sense of Belonging

    Genertec industry is international, and our open-minded organization boasts a wealth of diverse backgrounds, skills, cultures and ideas, creating a rich and remarkable international environment and sustainable where I can evolve within.

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  • Muhammad Budi Harjo

    An Unforgettable Experience of My Life

    CMC is a company that provides opportunities for all employee to learn something new, as an ordinary employee, CMC is like a big family, accommodating us from all over the world, giving us help and support, and relying on hard-working hands.

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  • Rácz Zsolt

    Remaining True to Original Aspirations with Concrete Actions

    Rácz Zsolt, a Hungarian project manager of CMC Europe, commits himself to serving his motherland, for which he gave up inheriting his family business and high-paid jobs abroad. He has opened a new chapter of his life since joining us.

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  • Mohiuddin Hasan

    An Adventure of Hasan from Bangladesh

    Mohiuddin Hasan, a Bangladeshi, still has a vivid memory of his interview for a position at CNTIC’s Dhaka office. The interviewer asked him whether he was confident of working with the Chinese company to change the country. He responded with an affirmative nod and embarked on his career journey ...

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  • Masud

    Bangladeshi Chef, Chinese Flavor

    Steamed buns, fried dough twists, strewed mutton with potatoes, braised beef with brown sauce… It is hard to believe that these delicious Chinese dishes were all made by a chef from Bangladesh. Recently, he began to explore cuisine combining Chinese and Bangladeshi styles. He is gifted in cookin...

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  • Patwary

    Dedicated to Improving Local Life: Contribution of a Bangladeshi Engineer

    Most regions of Bangladesh are located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, and the humid, hot and rainy weather is very likely to cause rheumatic diseases. Due to a shortage of electricity, local patients were not able to use electric infrared heaters for the treatment of rheumatism.

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