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Agreement for Manduria PV Plant in Italy Signed

Italy is rich in solar power resources, and its electricity market is highly open. According to its National Energy Strategy, Italy plans to increase its installed PV capacity by adding 2.5 GW annually by 2030. This means a broad market prospect.

On October 13, 2022, CMC Europe (Italy) and Ikarus S.r.l., a subsidiary of GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE (GDS), signed the EPC agreement for the Manduria 7MW PV plant in Italy. The project is the first EPC project Genertec has inked in Spain, marking a new breakthrough the company has made in expanding its presence in the Italian market of engineering contracting.

The project is located in Manduria city, Taranto province, Apulia region of Italy. CMC Europe (Italy) is responsible for the design, procurement, construction, debugging and trial operation of the solar power station. After its completion, the solar power station is expected to generate 11.6 million kWh of electricity annually, saving around 2,755 tons of standard coal and reducing 7,540 tons of CO2 emission equivalent every year.

Genertec International has secured one victory after another in the European market since earlier this year as it made successive breakthroughs in the Hungary, Spanish and Romania among other markets. Indispensable to the success is the company’s long-term planning for and dedication to the European new energy market.

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